Monday, September 29, 2003


The Old Sword and the New Bodhran

Finally, my first pibroch!

My teacher has me started on the Lament for the Old Sword, at least the Urlar for it. Conceptually, it's not hard. But the tempo seems so languid at first that it's hard to remember how long one has played a thematic note, meaning that the phrasing/stress is at best instinctual, and often wrong. I just need to have a bigger buffer in my head, to hear these very slow phrases in unison, not as individual notes.

My other competition pieces are going well, I've almost got the 6/8s up to tempo while maintaining the proper timing. The 2/4s sound great, hopefully all of my Grade IV tunes in the next weekend or two.

I have been horrible about band practice. I went that first time, and haven't made it back since. No practice this week (lack of a venue), but I'm hoping to start making it a regular thing soon. I've just been so swamped. On the other hand, practicing outside has gone from a chore to a joy, as cooler weather rolls in.

On the fiddle, I've been looking at jigs and hornpipes, in all their variety. The 3/2 hornpipe is interesting, a sort of a "slip Scots measure". With the mandolin, I've begun to look at jigs.

And, to add to the mix, I bought a bodhran and an instructional video. Quite fun, though getting the coordination to consistently pick my pattern is a chore. I'm pretty good in jig time, but in reel time, I often boom-chuck when I intend to do four straight beats, and vice versa...

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