Friday, December 22, 2006


On the theme of chords...

I've been studying chords and backing with Elke. More on that later, but it made me especially enjoy this:

Monday, December 11, 2006


Christmas Walk and The World's Smallest Violin

We had a great time at the Alexandria Scottish Christmas Walk, despite the fact we had light turnout with the Appins, as some people had to cancel due to illness. We retired to Murphy's afterwords, where I was plied with booze and, at the request of some WWI reenactors, piped for the ancient and honorable Highland plastic butter-knife dance (similar to the Argyll Broadswords - but without the swords, or the talent). After getting home, getting drunk from the beer and cider already in my stomach, sobering up again, I headed off to the tail end of the Appins' annual meeting.

It looks like another instrument has fallen into my lap. Ted Borek, a F&I reenactor, recently bought an antique "kit fiddle" (pocket violin or pochette) off eBay. At some point in discussing it, I mentioned I was interested in buying one from Michael Thompson, the luthier at Colonial Williamsburg. Ted mentioned that he had one, and would be willing to sell it - sans bow (which he was to keep for his new one), for less than half of what he paid. It's a great-looking little instrument, and will be perfect for reenacting (not to mention travel). I took it to Brobst to get the soundpost reset, and once I get it back, I'll get an idea of how well it plays and how it sounds. He also gave me a low-end Baroque bow, which Kevin Riley is going to cut down for me to make it pochette length.

So this knocks another instrument off my list. After my EJ Jones border/reel pipes (coming soon!), what's left? A set of pastoral pipes, perhaps. A set of Montgomery smallpipes, maybe. A viola or cello? A piano?

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