Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Wow, what a weekend

Well, it's been slow posting here at the Boghadubh Blog. I've been mostly focusing my efforts on The Devil's Tailors (who have a blog now, if not yet a site). We've changed our lineup, are doing more songs, and are basically having a blast.

I've started teaching a lot over the summer, both bagpipes and fiddle, and did a few solo gigs, in addition to Celebrate Fairfax! with The Devil's Tailors. The Royal Mile jams have continued to be fun.

Musically, I'm stagnant - but I made the conscious decision a couple years back to concentrate on performance at the expense of repertoire and technique, and it's paid off a lot. I think this fall, I'll start going back to basic skills, begin expanding my repertoire again, and prepare for competition season next year.

The big news this last weekend was the Virginia Scottish Games. The Potomac Valley Scottish Fiddle Club put me in charge of the fiddle tent, and it was an almost unqualified success. I provided sound, booked the acts, secured the trophies, rounded up competitors, and performed, both in the Devil's Tailors and solo in the "open fiddle jam" (which was just me for most of the time, seeing as it was 9-11 AM on Sunday; eventually Scott Morrison and Susanne Bard joined me).

The only major hitch, I think, was when the generator ran out of gas in the middle of the fiddle club performance. We were gassed up and running again in 10 minutes or less, but I know now to get a spare gas can of our own!

If I come up with photos, I'll post them! Split/Second Photography has some good shots of me in the "jam" on Sunday morning, but I think they'd want me to get a commercial license to post them on this site - which is a tad pricy.

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