Wednesday, June 30, 2004


A New Beginning...

Ever since I found out that the great Bonnie Rideout calls herself "The Piping Fiddler", I've been increasingly uncomfortable with my own use of that moniker, and have been thinking about a new one for myself, one that would be unique.

My purchase this weekend gave me the clue. "The Black Bow" sounded delightful, and mysterious. It sounds as ancient as the carbon-fiber bow that inspired it is modern. And it sounds great in Gaelic: bogha dubh.

So I'm proud to announce the relaunch of my music site, and my blog, respectively as and

The blog has been updated with title fields and the ability for you, the reader (all 4 of you) to comment. The new website will probably launch this weekend, with new title graphics and all. I also have a new email address just for my musical endeavours: will remain, eventually becoming a repository for essays on piping and fiddling, from the perspective of someone who does both. I also hope to open it up to other contributors as well.

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